Top Reasons to Choose Mediation

Litigation is an expensive and stressful process. Thus, before you start a case against another person, you should check whether mediation is an option. This is one of the ways of solving issues. According to, rather than seeking the services of a judge, an unbiased third party can help you reach a solution. People do not realize that child custody, divorce, and neighborhood disputes can be settled before mediators.

In fact, mediation can be an ideal avenue for solving issues than a lawsuit. It is the work of the mediator to help resolve disputes with everyone’s interest in mind. Mediation helps you to reach a resolution to a conflict without maintaining positive relationships among the parties in a conflict. The following are some reasons mediation is the right option to conflict resolution rather than litigation.

It’s Affordable

The good thing about mediation is that it is less expensive and faster than litigation. The truth is that lawsuits can be quite expensive and can cost up to $20,000 or more. This leaves you with more money than you could possibly be awarded. Mediation costs considerably less and split between the parties. This makes the process quickly. In fact, litigation can take several months or even years whereas mediation takes a few hours to complete.

It’s Confidential

You should note that court proceedings are in a public record where your personal information is available to anyone who is interested. The good thing about mediation is that it is confidential and private. Usually, all mediators involve personal issues to reach a trustworthy solution.

It’s Unbiased

There is no magistrate determining a verdict of innocence or guilt in mediation process. In this case, all interests from both parties are taken into account. Moreover, the outcome is determined by the involved parties.

Improved Communication

It may be difficult to express your wants and needs when the both parties are angry with each other. A good environment offers mediation that allows the both parties to discuss disputes. A good mediator can guide you through the whole process thanks to effective communication skills.

No Winner or Loser

Mediation is the process that is beneficial to all parties involved. Every person walks out satisfied with results as opposed to litigation that leaves one or both parties frustrated. Although the mediation may not resolve all issues, it can offer effective solutions.