Is CBD Oil Legal? Everything you need to Know

The recent years have been characterized by lots of progress and accomplishments. We have witnessed cannabis products being legalized in several countries across the globe. However, one big question still lingers in people’s minds: Is Proleve CBD oil legal?

Well, the answer to this question is yes. However, CBD oil is only legal under specific conditions. In some countries, the laws are still unclear as far as the use of CBD oil is concerned. Since most people have a skewed understanding of the law, knowing what’s legal and what isn’t can sometimes be quite confusing.

Is it Legal in 2019?

The legality of the use of CBD oil varies from state to state for those living in the United States. It also varies from country to country. Generally, what determines the legality of CBD oil is whether it is derived from marijuana or hemp plant. While hemp and marijuana are closely related, the law classifies them very differently.

Hemp versus Marijuana

cbd oilBoth hemp and marijuana produce CBD. They belong to the same Cannabis genus. At the visual level, these plants share a lot of similarities. When it comes to chemical composition, however, the two plants have different amounts of THC levels. Marijuana has high levels of THC as compared to hemp. As a result, marijuana is illegal in most areas due to its very high THC levels.

Rules and Regulations

CBD oil derived from the hemp plant is legal as long as its production adheres to the regulations that are defined in the law. Hemp is also classified as an agricultural commodity, making its use legal. For CBD oil to be considered legal, it must contain at most 0.3% THC. That’s not all; the hemp plant must also be grown by a licensed grower.

What this means is that even if the CBD oil contains the required level of THC, but it wasn’t grown by a licensed producer, the CD oil is still classified as illegal. Since CBD is also classified as a drug ingredient, it must first be approved by the regulatory bodies before it can be marketed. It can also not be marketed as a dietary supplement, regardless of whether it was extracted from the hemp plant unless approved by the regulatory bodies.

As per now, CBD oil is still in a gray zone as far as its legality is concerned. You can use it but only under medical conditions. The regulatory authorities are still trying to figure everything out.